Sep 15 2018

Keeping Your Pets Safe During Holiday Celebrations

You may not think of your favorite holidays as being dangerous, but the truth is that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall and winter holidays are very dangerous to your pets. Everything from chocolate to tinsel can injury your dog or cat. Taking these simple precautions will help to make your holidays much more enjoyable for all.

Chocolate Is Bad News

It’s no secret that your pet should not eat chocolate, but this dangerous substance lurks in unexpected forms around the holidays. Chocolate coins, baking bricks, and luxury gifts like chocolate-covered espresso beans and macadamia nuts may end up lying within easy reach.

If your pet gets ahold of them, he will suffer from an unhealthy dose of methylxanthines. Keep all chocolate in high cabinets to avoid this problem, but in the case of an emergency, dial the Pet Poison Helpline immediately and then head to the vet.

Alcohol Is a Threat, Too

A hangover isn’t the only threat that alcohol poses during the holidays. Like chocolate, alcohol sneaks into unexpected places like desserts and entree dishes. Your pet’s stomach acts like an oven that metabolizes yeast into ethanol and carbon dioxide, which can lead to alcohol poisoning and excessive bloating. Keep all potential sources of alcohol high on a counter away from your pet.


Everybody loves a good video of an eager cat knocking down a Christmas tree in an effort to reach the tinsel, but those videos make a serious point about cat safety. Tinsel is very thin, and if ingested by a cat will wrap itself around the intestines or ball up in the stomach. If you have a cat, just avoid tinsel altogether to prevent any problems. The same goes for holiday ornaments, which usually have sharp edges that can cause deep cuts in the mouth if your pet tries to use them as a chew toy.

With just a few measures of prevention, your pet can stay safe and happy during the holiday season. If your pet becomes hurt or injured, call Eldorado Pet Hospital at (972) 668-5372 to make an appointment in Frisco, TX and learn more.

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