3 Signs Your Pet Isn’t Getting the Right Nutrition

Everyone wants what is best for their pet. Manufactured pet food is formulated to give your pet all of the nutrients that they need. Yet some cheaper pet foods or homemade pet food may not be giving your pet all of the nutrition that they need. Here are three signs that your pet isn’t getting the right nutrition.

Potty Changes

If your pet isn’t getting the right nutrition, you may notice some differences when they go to potty. Urine may be decreased while thirst is increased or decreased. You may also notice that your pet’s feces is different in color or consistency. These are signs that your pet is not getting the nutrition that they need, and it should be addressed quickly by your vet.


Your pet may change in appearance if they are malnourished. They may have a dull coat or shed more frequently. They may have a sad, droopy look. Skin disorders can also become a problem if your pet isn’t getting the right nutrition. Your pet may also have sudden changes in body weight.


One of the biggest signs that your pet isn’t getting the right nutrition is their behavior. Most pets will behave differently when they are not in peak health. Your pet may become temperamental or otherwise difficult. They may also have changes in their appetite, either eating too much or not eating enough. The same can be true with water intake. Watching your pet’s behavior is the best way to know when there is a problem with their health.

If your pet has these signs of malnourishment, it is important that you change their diet to give them everything they need to be healthy. Contact us today for an appointment. We will examine your pet and help you choose the best diet for them.

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