Three Signs Your Pet Needs Different Food and Nutrition

Many people choose their pet food based on price, recommendations from friends and family, or just whatever is available at the local corner store with a coupon, yet the food that you give your pet is extremely important. Some pets require very specific dietary needs, and it could be that those needs are not being met by your pet’s current food. Here are three signs your pet needs a different pet food.

Dull Coat

When your pet isn’t getting adequate nutrition, its coat will become dull, and it may shed more than normal or out of season. Dogs particularly require a diet high in fatty acids to keep their coat looking beautiful and healthy. If you notice your pet doesn’t look as beautiful as they once did, it is a definite sign that you are giving them the wrong food.

Lethargy and Fatigue

Your pet needs balanced nutrition in order to look and feel their best. When your pet isn’t getting adequate nutrition, they will often become lethargic or easily fatigued. They might not play as much as they usually do, or they might spend more time than usual lying about doing nothing.

Your Pet Is Aging

Older pets require different nutrition than younger pets. Pets are generally considered to be senior age when they reach about five to seven years old. At this point in their lives, their dietary needs change considerably. If you have been feeding your pet the same food since it was a puppy, you will probably need to change its food during these final years of its life.

If you have a pet that is exhibiting these or other signs of poor nutrition, contact us today to schedule an appointment for an examination and dietary recommendations.

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