When to See a Vet After Your Pet Has Had an Accident

When you or your child has an accident, you don’t automatically rush to the nearest emergency room. Some accidents and minor injuries do not require immediate or professional attention. The same is true of your pet. Veterinary care is not cheap, and you don’t want to make a visit to the vet unnecessarily. At the same time, it is important to have your pet checked out after an accident if they could be seriously injured. Here are some tips on when to see the vet after your pet has an accident.

Changes in Behavior

Often pets will change their behavior when they are in pain or something is otherwise wrong. Although your pet cannot actually talk to you to tell you where their pain is or its severity, they can tell you that something is wrong in other ways. Your pet may become lethargic and want to sleep or lie about constantly. Your pet may also exhibit some concerning behavioral issues such as biting, nipping, or clawing if they are in pain and want to be left alone. Any major or sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should be taken as a sign that something is wrong and warrants a trip to the vet.

Obvious Pain

There may be some obvious signs that your pet is in pain. If they have injured a leg or shoulder, they may be limping quite a bit or not be as active as they usually are. Your pet may also nip at your hand or run away when you put your hand on their injured appendage. If your pet has internal injuries, they may change their eating habits, refuse to eat at all, and may whimper and whine. 

Serious Accidents

If your pet was in a serious accident, such as being hit by a car, you should take them to the vet even if they don’t have apparent injuries. Such accidents can often lead to internal injuries or bleeding that may not be able to be caught or treated without immediate intervention by a veterinarian. If ever in doubt, always have your pet checked out after a major accident.

If your pet has been in a recent accident and needs veterinary care, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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