Yes, Your Indoor Cats Do Need To Be Vaccinated

You may think that your indoor cats do not need vaccines since they are not exposed to other animals or the wilderness, but that’s a common misconception. Vaccinations provide essential protections to your cats in order to prevent serious illness and disease. Here’s what you should know.

Vaccinate In Case Your Cat Escapes

Cats are stealthy creatures that have the ability to roam and flee without being noticed. If your cat somehow manages to escape out of the door as you carry in groceries, he could become exposed to strange, new, and potentially dangerous rabid animals. He could even end up in a shelter as you struggle to find him, and catching a new disease in a shelter is virtually guaranteed for an unvaccinated cat. Only proper vaccinations will keep your cat safe from these threats.

Vaccinate In Case Your Community Requires It

All dogs are required to have rabies shots, but you might live in a community that also makes it mandatory for cats to receive the rabies vaccination. This is for your cat’s own safety as much as the safety of the rest of your neighborhood. If your unvaccinated cat bit someone, the law in your community could possibly force him to be euthanized or placed in a six-month quarantine at your expense. All of that heartache can be avoided by simply vaccinating your feline.

Vaccinate In Case Plans Change

Even if you intend for your cat to stay an indoor cat forever, life has a way of causing the unexpected. Perhaps you will move to an area where your cat can roam free, or perhaps you will develop allergies to pet hair and need to move your cat to a new home. If things do change, your cat will adjust effortlessly with vaccinations and a strong immune system.

Eldorado Pet Hospital offers all of the essential vaccinations needed to protect your cat from infectious diseases like feline leukemia virus. Protecting your cat is the primary goal of the team at Eldorado Pet Hospital, so call (972) 668-5372 now to schedule your pet’s appointment.

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