The Importance of Routine Wellness Visits for Your Pet

As your child grows, routine wellness checkups are usually recommended once per year. Even as an adult, it is recommended that you have a physical examination annually. Your pet’s health is no less important than that of your family. Wellness visits for your pet serve the same purpose as wellness visits for your child. It allows you to address concerns, and it allows the vet to discover any medical conditions early enough to be treated effectively.


Like your child, pets need to have routine vaccinations to remain healthy. Scheduling a routine wellness visit for your pet each year can help you keep up to date on shots for your pet. This is often important for obtaining pet licenses as well. When pets are younger, they may require more than one annual visit for vaccinations, especially just after birth.

Dental Health

Your pet’s dental health can also be assessed at a routine wellness visit. Dental health is important for your pet, because how well they are able to chew will directly affect their nutrition, growth, and aging process. You may not notice problems with your pet’s dental health on your own, but a vet knows what to look for and can address these concerns easily during a wellness visit.

Medical Conditions

You may be able to know when your pet is in pain or not feeling well, but some medical conditions are not easily detectable. Many conditions can exist for some time before symptoms appear. The sooner conditions and illness are detected, the more likely it will be that treatment will be effective. Wellness visits allow your vet to fully examine your pet so any medical conditions can be caught early.

If you have a pet you need to have examined, contact our offices today. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for your pet’s wellness visit, where we can address any concerns. We also have wellness plans that cover your pet for routine visits throughout the year.

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